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The Mouse of Peter Goelen (ahem...)


According to some people, this attributes to madness.  I tend to call it: keeping young (at heart at least)

"... the catchphrase they use to promote their resorts, "Where dreams come true" is so very accurate.  At least, to me it is..." 

This is where I go to if I want to have a few days of uncompromised fun and relaxation.  I've always loved Disney: the cartoons as a kid, the animated features, and particularly now: the resorts.  To quote J.M. Barrie: "do you believe...?" - my answer is a sound: yes!  I love the Disney magic!!  I love exploring the park, seeing all the little things the Imagineers (yes, I write that with a capital "I" - Respect!) put in...  That's what distinguishes Disney from all other theme parks: the magic.

In 2007, I visited Disneyland Resort Paris 5 times, in 2008, 6 times and in 2009 5 times!


15 years of magic in Disneyland Resort Paris... AND MORE!


I have 1 website which name is Disney-related: thundermesa.be

A little bit of madness after all?