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The Terms of Peter Goelen


Basically, it's all mine

"...everytime I read those disclaimers, they make me laugh..." 

But it seems to be an essential part of any website, so here goes:

The proprietor of goelen.com holds the intellectual ownership of the content of this website.  The pictures that appear on this website are made by the propietor of goelen.com, or are believed to be in the public domain, unless indicated otherwise.  Links found on this website are provided for facilitating purposes, although goelen.com does not excercise any editorial control over the websites linked to.  The proprietor of goelen.com can therefor not be held responsable for any content on the linked pages.

the picture of Mickey Mouse and the crest of Disneyland Resort Paris - 15 years are copyrighted by the Disney company.

the "Starved Rock" subdomain features it's own disclaimer