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The Park of Peter Goelen


A band of Illiniwek indians under siege climbed a rock to escape the Potawatomi.  Being on a bare rock, with no food, the Illiniwek eventually starved to dead on their rock.

"...I was lured to The Starved Rock Park in Illinois by a former collegue of mine, who lives in that area.  He sent me some pics, and that's all it took..." 

I visited the park when I went to Chicago.  I actually got to stay in the park itself, in the Starved Rock Lodge.  A beautiful hotel right in the park.

I was that smitten by the park, that I created a few webpages with pics.  I carry the park in my heart, as well as on my person every day... One of the pics is actually on my ATM card.

The "Starved Rock State Park" webpages are in a subdomain of goelen.com and you can still visit them here.





The Starved Rock State Park in Illinois features several canyons and is borderd in the north by the illinois river. 


This is the picture that is featured on my ATM card.  It's the platform atop of "Lover's Leap" one of the rocks in the Starved Rock State Park