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A new website has been registered

the contract for this website will not be renewed at the next expiration date


Welcome to The World of Peter Goelen


Online since 2001, goelen.com has been a constant factor on the electronic highway while evening the path for several more projects.

Welcome to a new design, and modified content!

"...Even after all those years I still feel proud about goelen.com, and I'm confident we'll be around for more years to come..." 

The website actually started as a test; in times that server space was expensive, and websites was something for companies and governments, Yahoo Geocities offered a domain registration with 20 Mb of free webspace for just 25 USD.  That marked the beginning of goelen.com

All these years later, we are now hosted in Denmark, and have 3000 Mb to our disposal.  We didn't stop after goelen.com - 6 domains can now be called "ours".  We have domains in .com, .be and .eu top-levels.  Euh, and yes Mum, we'll leave it at that.



Peter Goelen